Prize Pool Update & Medals


5 New generous donations of Greemu (5 keys), movyton (5 keys), snegir (5 keys), tuja (5 keys) and ShakiRich (5 keys) have  raised the prize pool up to 80 keys in total! The prize pool has been updated once again and is as follows:
1st Place: 36 Keys, 2 x 1 year codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;
2nd Place: 24 Keys, 2 x 6 months codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;
3rd Place: 16 Keys, 2 x 3 months codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;

Meanwhile, we received a confirmation from Valve that our medals have been accepted! Everyone who has donated 5 keys or more is eligible to receive a Helper medal. All of them you can see here:

Maps + Tournament Schedule


With the first round of the Group Stages being generated, we can officially begin the tournament! Maps have been wisely chosen by you and are as follows:

  • ultiduo_baloo_v2
  • koth_ultiduo_r_b7
  • ultiduo_gullywash_b2
  • ultiduo_grove_b2
  • ultiduo_seclusion_b3

Everyone who has missed to join the tournament can still do so until 7:50 pm CET, 27th January, when the next round is generated. Any changed in the team roster can be done until the mentioned time. Schedule for Group Stages is as follows:

  • Round 1 – 27th January, 7pm CET;
  • Round 2 – 27th January, 8pm CET;
  • Round 3 – 27th January, 9pm CET.

Half of the teams will advance for Playoffs and those are eligible for medals. The Playoffs will be played in a double elimination bracket. The first round begins on 28th January, 8pm CET, in a BO3 format, with casting one of the matches. Every next round will be generated with a default time on Saturday and Sunday which can be rescheduled for earlier and later respectively.

Happy Gaming!

The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament

Finding ourselves in between the seasons both for ETF2L and ESEA, we feel quite empty on the inside and start wondering whether to continue playing our pub game or play the 20th pug for the day. Thereupon, I’m bringing to your attention.. you better sit down first, things might go bad. Where was I? Oh, right, bringing to your attention The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament, a big Ultiduo tournament so far, featuring 10 ultiduo maps, only the best 5 of which will be played based on your votes (You can still vote here:! The maps from the list have been chosen with a strict consideration upon each and every single one of them. Group stages will be played in a Swiss Best of 1, Playoffs (including Quarter and Semi Finals) will be played in a Double Elimonation Best of 3, Grand Finals – Best of 5. A prize pool, consisting of 60 keys + codes and codes for the top 16 teams is guaranteed, and so are medals, streams, glory for those being the ga.. *cough* the best. (a big sponsor will donate if enough players sign up!)

The finalists’ prizes for Europe start off as following:

1st Place: 25 Keys, 2 x 1 year codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;
2nd Place: 20 Keys, 2 x 6 months codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;
3rd Place: 15 Keys, 2 x 3 months codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots;
Top 16 Teams: 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots.

If you will to donate to the prize pool and increase your karma levels, you can do so here.

List of all generous people that have donated:

Players from North America are welcome to join, too (and from other parts of the world!), everyone will have to play on an EU server unless both teams are from the same region. If more than 32 teams from North America sign up, a separated bracket for NA will happen. The finalists from both regions might even do a friendly game for twitch (That won’t affect neither sides’ prizes or medals), though that will be considered on-the-spot or some time throughout the season.

Everything for the tournament you can find in the rules, to which you can navigate by using the menu above (Read them before signing up). Should you have any questions or require help, do not hesitate to join the tournament’s discord (And I highly encourage you to do that, for any problems regarding YOU I will not be bothered to add you personally, I will talk to you over discord). Please read the rules! Games start on 27th January 2018, Saturday. Rounds will be 100% randomly generated.

Good Luck To Everyone!