Maps + Tournament Schedule


With the first round of the Group Stages being generated, we can officially begin the tournament! Maps have been wisely chosen by you and are as follows:

  • ultiduo_baloo_v2
  • koth_ultiduo_r_b7
  • ultiduo_gullywash_b2
  • ultiduo_grove_b2
  • ultiduo_seclusion_b3

Everyone who has missed to join the tournament can still do so until 7:50 pm CET, 27th January, when the next round is generated. Any changed in the team roster can be done until the mentioned time. Schedule for Group Stages is as follows:

  • Round 1 – 27th January, 7pm CET;
  • Round 2 – 27th January, 8pm CET;
  • Round 3 – 27th January, 9pm CET.

Half of the teams will advance for Playoffs and those are eligible for medals. The Playoffs will be played in a double elimination bracket. The first round begins on 28th January, 8pm CET, in a BO3 format, with casting one of the matches. Every next round will be generated with a default time on Saturday and Sunday which can be rescheduled for earlier and later respectively.

Happy Gaming!

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